Prevalence of Facial Dimples amongst South-western Nigerians: A case study of Ilorin, Kwara State of Nigeria

GO Omotoso, PA Adeniyi, LJ Medubi


The presence of dimples on the face have been appreciated by many, and in different cultures. They are examples of genetic dominant traits, with anatomic components. The study aimed at determining the incidence of facial dimples (cheek and chin dimples) in the Yoruba population of South-western Nigeria. Five hundred southwestern Nigerians, comprising 250 females and 250 males were observed for the presence of co-existing cheek and chin dimples, by means of physical examination and structured questionnaires. Only 36 (7.2%) of the 500 respondents had both cheek and chin dimples co-existing in the same individual, out of which 22 (4.4%) were females and the remaining 14 people (2.8%) were males. Most people with facial dimples had bilateral cheek dimples. More than one-fifth of the population had only cheek dimple(s), while eighteen (18) respondents had only the chin dimple trait. One-quarter of the population with co-existing cheek and chin dimples inherited the two facial dimples from either one or both parent(s). The incidence of facial dimples differ from population to population, and it is possible for an individual to express more than one dominant traits resulting from the genotypes inherited from parents in a simple dominant-recessive pattern.

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