Free radical scavenging capacity and antioxidant properties of leaf extract of Senna alata and Senna podocarpa

O.A. Adebesin, J. Okpuzor, O. Adenekan


Hydromethanolic and aqueous extract of two medicinal plants – Senna podocarpa and Senna alata- widely used in various herbal remedies, amongst the south western Nigerians, were studied for their total reducing
power (TRP), total antioxidant capacity (TAC), total phenolic contents (TPC), DPPH radical scavenging activity (DRSA), as well as free amino acid content (FAA). The TRP (EC 50 ) varied from 49.47-61.45 μg/ml, TAC expressed as
ascorbic acid equivalent varied from 298.78 - 958.19mg/g, TPC expressed as gallic acid equivalent was between 68.81-154.85mg/g, while the DRSA in terms of IC 50 (inhibitory concentration) was similar for the hydromethanolic
extract of both plants and FAA was highest (547.74mg/100g) in the aqueous extract of S.podocarpa and lowest (192,08mg/100g) in hydromethanolic extract of S. alalta. The aqueous extracts of both plants showed relatively low levels of antioxidant activity and reductive potential while there was positive correlation between TPC and TAC for all the extracts.

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