Antimicrobial activity studies of syn-2,4-diaza-1,5- dicarbonyl-3-pentanethione

C I Orjiekwe, J A Obaleye


The synthesis of 2,4-diaza-1,5-dicarbonyl-3-pentanethione ligands and their nickel(II) and cobalt(II)
complexes are reported. The antimicrobial effects of these compounds on selected bacterial and fungal species were
carried out by in vitro experiments. Two standard strains of bacterial species – Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas
aeruginosa – and two fungi – Aspergillus niger and Rhoma eupyrena – were used for the investigation. The percentage
inhibition was evaluated using algae diffusion technique for all compounds using water as control. The activities were
compared with that of a standard antibacterial drug (Septrin). It can be established that the compounds possess both
antifungal and antibacterial properties which compare favourably with the standard antibacteriaal drug (Septrin).
Key Words: Antimicrobial agents; Fungicides; Bactericides; Urea compounds

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